We are delighted to provide the Programme for the 2017 Annual NHS R&D Forum Conference. There are a small number of sessions, speakers and chairs to be added and the Programme will be updated as soon as we have these confirmed.

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Day 1: 15th May 2017
Time Session
10:00 Registration Opens
10:30 Pre-Conference Workshops

  • Enabling Better Cost Attribution: Trudi Simmons, Senior Manager Finance & Performance, Department of Health. 
  • Leading Cultures of Research and Innovation: NorthWest R&D
  • Research & Evidence to Support Commissioning: Jody Nichols (Research Facilitator: North of England Commissioning Support); Helen Riding (Research Manager: North of England Commissioning Support); Shona Haining (Head of Research & Evidence: North of England Commissioning Support) Rachel Illingworth (Head of Research & Evaluation Nottingham City CCG) 

Please note that most of the Pre-Conference Workshops are now fully booked

12:00 Lunch & Exhibition & Posters & Networking
13:00 Welcome & Introduction from the NHS R&D Forum: Our Strategy & Our Value
13:15 Plenary Session One: Adding Value Together & On the Horizon

  • Dr Louise Wood, Director Science, Research & Evidence, Department of Health 
  • Dr Jonathan Sheffield, CEO NIHR CRN 
14:30 Coffee & Exhibition & Posters
15:15 Breakout Sessions 1

Session 1.1
On the Horizon:
Research Integrity & Responsible Research
Session 1.2
On the Horizon:
Research for Patients First: Joining up the Dots
Session 1.3
On the Horizon:
Leaving the EU: Impact & Influencing
Chair: Janet Messer (HRA) Chair: Nicky Williams (Health & Care Research Wales) Chair: Teresa Allen (HRA)
  • Dr Hilda Bastian
  • James Parry (CEO UKRIO)
  • Q&A
  • Dr Liz Philpots (Head of Research & Impact, Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC)
  • Virginia Acha. (ABPI. Executive Director – Research, Medical & Innovation)
  • Q&A
  • Sarah Collen. (Senior Policy Manager, NHS European Office)
  • Leslie Galloway (Chairman, EMIG)
  • Q&A
16:45 Close
19:30 Drinks Reception & Gala Dinner


Day 2: 16th May 2017 
Time Session
08:45 Registration Opens (only for those attending Day 2 only)
09:15 Breakout Sessions 2:

Session 2.1
Adding Value:
Adding value in the future. What can our community do next?  
Session 2.2
Adding Value:
Adding value with great teams
Session 2.3
On the Horizon:
Data Governance in the New Era 
Chair: Christine McGrath Chair: Allyson Bailey
  • 100 Reasons Not to Do Research: The Case for Demonstrating Value That Matters
    Dr Sarah Williams
  • Beyond Trainspotting – Ashridge
    David Birch
  • Q&A
  • Unleashing awesomeness through team transformation
    Kate Cheshire
  • Optimising choice and opportunity for all
    Holly Maguire
  • A New Research Delivery Team 12 months on
    Mrs Asifa Ali
  • Q&A
  • Jason Wakelin-Smith (MHRA)
  • Professor Martin Severs (NHS Digital)
  • Q&A





Session 2.4**
Adding Value:
Exploring Mental Health Research. How do we make it happen? 
Session 2.5**
Adding Value:
Exploring the research management implications of PPI co-design 
Session 2.6**
Doing More with Less: Meeting Financial Challenges
Facilitator: Professor Susan Corr Facilitator: Sally Doherty
  • Research all of Me
    Lee Tomlinson & Sarah Dickens
  • Mental Health Research in the NHS “ collaborating to make the case:
    Ian Bradshaw
  • Roles Responsibilities & Ethics implications of PPI in co-design
    Anne-Laure Donskoy & Forum Service User & Carer Working Group
  • Meeting Financial Challenges
    Helen Cox, Charlotte Bailey, Amna Shah.
  • Using Edge for Finance
    Zoe Booth
10:30 Coffee & Exhibition & Posters
11:00 Breakout Sessions 3:

Session 3.1
On the Horizon: A Focus on IRAS, GCP & e-consent
Session 3.2
Adding Value:
Adding value & reducing Waste in the research process. What can we do?
Session 3.3
Adding Value:
Exploring our influence further
 Chair: Rachel Smith (MRC) Chair: Bill Davidson (HRA)
  • UK wide consistency and IRAS developments
    Mary Cubitt & Matthew Harris
  • Future Focus on GCP training and e-Consent
    Jane Thompson , Amanda Hunn, Emma Lowe
  • Q&A
  • The role of research and development managers in reducing waste in research
    Dr Virginia Minogue & Bill Wells
  • Adding Value to research potential: indicators, monitoring, and collaboration
    Helen Payne
  • Q&A
  • Six words that can capture your Trust Board’s attention
    Christine McGrath
  • Can I have a word please?
    Chris Stock
  • Increasing patient benefit through gaining University Status for NHS Trusts
    Dr Phillip Smith
  • Q&A


Session 3.4**
Working Better Together:
Exploring R&D beyond traditional NHS Boundaries?
Session 3.5**
Adding Value:
Exploring Research Opt-in/Opt-out Schemes
Session 3.6**
Working Better Together:
Exploring ways for R&D and LCRNS to work better together.
Facilitator: Jen Harrison Facilitator: Janet Messer
  • Building Research Infrastructure in Social Enterprises
    Nat Wright
  • Life in the Fast Lane: Collaborating to deliver Research in Ambulance Services?
    Nigel Rees
  • Improving access to research in mental health:  Everyone Included an update
    Bryony McCann
  • Research opt out: Improving opportunities to hear about research
    Philippa Case
  • Count Me In. Making participation in research accessible to all
    Chantel Ostler
  • Exploring the way in which R&D have engaged with the CRN on initiatives
    Julie Rowbotham and Jane Greenway
  • Has HLO1 had a counterproductive impact upon the quality of research in the NHS?
    Dr Paul A. Roberts

12:30 Lunch & Exhibition & Posters
13:30 Plenary Session Two – Doing More with Less

  • Roy Lilley, Health Analyst, Writer, Broadcaster & Commentator
  • Chaired by the Shona Haining, NHS R&D Forum
14:15 Coffee & Exhibition & Posters
14:45 Plenary Session Three – Adding value, working better together 

  • Dr Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer, Horizons Group, NHS England
  • Chaired by Prof Jonathan Montgomery, HRA
15:45 Conference Summary

  • Prof Jonathan Montgomery, HRA
16:00 Close


** Breakout sessions x.4, x.5 and x.6 are Small Group Sessions and will be a combination of presentation, discussion and Q&A.

Themes for the 2017 Annual NHS R&D Forum

Adding Value On the Horizon Doing More With Less Working Better Together




 This Conference Programme, Speakers and Content are subject to change and updates will be added as and when available.