Delegates at the 2017 Annual NHS R&D Forum can attend one of the free pre-conference workshops. Delegates must pre-book to attend one of the workshops.

Enabling Better Cost Attribution

Trudi Simmons, Senior Manager, Finance and Performance Department of Health

This session will enable delegates to revisit the national policy for attributing the costs of health and social care Research & Development with Trudi Simmons, Head of Research Finance at the Department of Health. Trudi will explain the origins of the policy and deliver a master class in how to attribute NHS activity to research, service support and treatment costs effectively. Delegates will be provided with up-to-date information on all the national resources and training opportunities currently available to support in attribution, and have the chance to work through some specific scenarios. This is an opportunity to talk through examples and challenges, from grant application to site confirmation of capability and capacity and to hear about developments in the schedule of events. This workshop will be particularly useful for anyone facilitating sponsorship or applications at site.

Leading Cultures of Research and Innovation

Work undertaken by NHS Research and Development North West showed that managers want to integrate Research and Innovation (R&I) into their organisations but don’t have the knowledge or confidence to make this happen!

This short workshop aims to help you:

  • Understand the drivers, policy context and value of R&I
  • Understand more about factors / dimensions that create / enable cultures
  • Know what is meant by cultures of R & I and the conditions that enable them
  • The role of leadership in leading cultures within clinical teams and appreciating your role as a leader in enabling a culture of R&I
  • Start to identify your development needs / learning outcomes to enable this with particular regard to negotiating, networking and influencing

Research & Evidence to Support Commissioning

Jody Nichols (Research Facilitator: North of England Commissioning Support); Helen Riding (Research Manager: North of England Commissioning Support); Shona Haining (Head of Research & Evidence: North of England Commissioning Support) Rachel Illingworth (Head of Research & Evaluation Nottingham City CCG)

The Department of Health states that using evidence from research for commissioning decision making is a statutory essential, and under the Health and Social Care Act (2012)  CCGs have a statutory duty for CCGs to “promote research and innovation and the use of research evidence in the exercise of their functions”. This is also described as a key part of The King’s Funds priorities for 2017.

So, as a research and evidence team in the NHS commissioning world how do we support improved use of evidence?

The Forum Primary Care and Commissioning Working Group recently co-hosted an event withThe Avon Primary Care Research Collaborative (APCRC) to explore the topic further and the agenda and the slides from this successful day are available from

This conference workshop will take a look at how R&D teams working in and for NHS commissioning organisations can help them to better understand evidence and use it in their policy and decision making. This session might also be of interest to R&D staff from provider organisations looking to make connections between research and evidence support and improve the understanding of evidence in their Trusts.  Delegates will be encouraged to discuss their own approach to the topic and any barriers and enablers they can share

Delivered in partnership between Rachel Illingworth, Head of Research and Evaluation at Nottingham City CCG, and the North of England Commissioning Support Unit this workshop will draw upon  examples from each of these teams and showcase their work, including examples of training being delivered and an update on its evaluation and impact. A review of tools-in-use and discussion of real-life examples will share the approaches and challenges these teams have faced along the way to helping commissioners to ‘find and critically appraise the evidence’ and delegates will learn some ways to engage, support and incorporate evidence based decision making to improve on established commissioning processes, to help our organisations love research and evidence as much as we do, and to see the added value it can bring. The NECS team will also showcase the North East approach to Vanguard evaluation and how they are supporting STPs.

The North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS) supports 11 Clinical Commissioning Groups in the North of England to use evidence from research by supplying a range of techniques, training and tools.